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4 July, 2018

Wild Rice Soup

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This Wild Rice Soup Recipe with mushrooms relies on a simple layering technique in the crock pot to ensure the rice and vegetables are firm but tender. This classic soup works well as a first course or a light lunch.


1 lb. whole mushrooms, halved
1/2 Cup uncooked wild rice
1 stalk celery, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
1 (1.8 oz) envelope onion mushroom soup mix
1 Tbsp sugar
1 Cup water
1 (32 oz) can beef broth
1 Cup frozen sweet peas, thawed


Layer the ingredients as instructed below and do not stir before cooking.

Place the mushrooms in the bottom of the crock pot.

Add the rice, then celery and then the carrots.

Sprinkle in the dry soup mix and sugar.

Pour water carefully over the top of the layered ingredients.

Add the beef broth. Do not stir.

Cover and cook 7 hours on low.

Stir in peas and cover.

Cook for 15 minutes or until peas are tender.

This soup freezes well for 6 months, so make a batch ahead of time and reheat as needed for a quick meal.

Serves 6.

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