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Italian Green Beans for Two

It takes almost nothing to make these Italian green beans: just a bit of water, onion soup mix (the kind you use to make onion dip — how good is that!), oregano and, of course, the beans.


  • 1/2 C water
  • 1 T dry onion soup mix
  • 1/2 t oregano
  • 1/2 9 oz pkg. frozen green beans, thawed (or use 1/2 lb. fresh beans)
  • 1 T pimento chopped


  • Pour water into small saucepan and place over medium high heat.
  • Stir in soup mix and oregano.
  • Add beans and bring to a gentle boil.
  • Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 8 minutes or until cooked tender to you taste.
  • Drain liquid from the beans and place into a serving dish.
  • Add pimento and mix well.