why eating a carnivore diet can make weight loss easy
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Why Eating a Carnivore Diet Can Make Weight Loss Easy


Classic carnivore diet books can help you understand the carnivore diet better. Why? They are meant to give you a better understanding of what your diet should be like. This means not just losing weight but also improving your health. Many people will have a hard time going on this type of diet.

This is primarily because they tend to think in terms of quantity. In other words, their idea of healthy eating involves counting calories or grams of food intake versus how many grams they get rid of when they eat it. This is all well and good as far as it goes but when you come down to it, most carnivores need lots of calories to survive so why limit them? By limiting these foods, you are denying them the essential nutrients that are so beneficial to them.

This is the basic premise behind the Carnivore Diet. Shawn Baker’s Carnivore Diet isn’t like the majority of diet plans out there. It doesn’t restrict your calorie intake nor does it star any kind of guru. Instead, it focuses on the kinds of food your body needs most, namely proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. By doing this, it prevents your body from storing excess fat for later use (which keeps you looking and feeling older) and from requiring large amounts of energy to sustain itself. It is through this method of losing weight that Carnivore Diet promotes the reduction in chronic disease.

A major portion of Carnivore Diet’s meal replacement component is whole plant foods, which are rich in essential nutrients. These include: beans, legumes, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and fruits. As you can see, the bulk of the Carnivore Diet’s food source consists of plant foods. This is why many experts believe that the Carnivore Diet promotes overall health by reducing chronic disease risk (like diabetes and heart disease). In fact, recent studies have shown that the Carnivore Diet has more beneficial plant compounds than any other dietary plan currently available (so you may want to give it a try if you’re looking to lose weight and get healthier).

Many experts also believe that carnivores (in general) metabolize better when eating plant-based foods as opposed to meat, dairy products, and processed foods. Meat and dairy products (particularly fat) are more difficult for the body to metabolize, which means that they have to be consumed in moderation. While many of these same nutrient deficiencies are found in many diets today, Carnivore Diet incorporates a diet plan that focuses on foods that are very nutrient dense. Carnivore Diet Foods is high in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which is one reason why they are so effective at improving your health. By consuming this type of food, your body will be able to process and utilize nutrients at a higher rate.

The biggest problem with diets based on protein and carbohydrates (especially those like the Atkins and South Beach diets) is that they cause your body to burn muscle instead of fat. While losing weight can often times be accomplished by burning off excess body fat, most people don’t lose much if any weight at all when their diets only focus on reducing fat intake and carbohydrates intake (even though these two factors are directly related to weight). By eating a well balanced diet consisting of plant based foods (such as meat, eggs, and dairy products), you can actually eat more fat than you think because your body will be processing and utilizing some of the fatty acids for energy. As long as you make sure to eat a wide variety of different foods (such as lots of fish, poultry, and vegetables) you’ll be able to meet your protein needs without having to worry about overloading your body with unhealthy saturated fat. The Carnivore Diet allows you to consume lean meats (such as chicken and lean cuts of pork), as well as fish and seafood – plus you can get almost twice the amount of calcium, fiber, magnesium, and other important nutrients (especially folic acid, iron, and various B vitamins) that you’d normally get from dairy products alone.

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