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Chinese Spicy Chicken


Chinese Spicy Chicken or Le Tze Gee to use the ethnic title, is a dish that will challenge your taste with subtle hints of spice rather than heavy doses of it. Some spicy dishes are too heavy in one spice or another and that overpowers all other tastes. Chinese are […]

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Rice Pilaf Recipe for Two


Use this rice pilaf recipe as is, or for a quick dish with leftovers. I prefer long-grain brown rice (less stickiness), but you could use wild rice or even white rice if you want. Also, instead of walnuts, use pecans (ever so much more tasty). Check out our Tips for […]

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Italian Omelet


Italian Omelet adds subtle herb tastes to the traditional omelet making it a dish that can just as easily be served for lunch or dinner. Like any other omelet you could add ingredients to suit your taste. However you should try this recipe as it is presented below just once. […]