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43178726811 88b8e4ef9f Pears in Chocolate Sauce
Grilling, Snacks

Grilled Pears in Chocolate Sauce


These Grilled Pears in Chocolate Sauce are a rich but surprisingly simple dessert to prepare. The buttery, homemade chocolate sauce drizzled over warm, pears makes for an elegant end to any meal. Ingredients 2 oz. of unsweetened chocolate 2 Tbsp of butter 2 cups of light brown sugar, firmly packed […]

Bakery, Fruit Dishes

Brown Pears with Cheese


Brown Pears with Cheese can be used as either an appetizer (starter) or dessert with a cheese platter.Either way, this is a beautiful food that can be used at any special occasion throughout the year. Preparation is a little tricky but doesn’t take more than ten minutes. Ingredients 4 small […]


Beef Rib Roast with Fruit Garnish


Β Beef rib roast with a fruit garnish makes a beautiful centerpiece for a Christmas dinner. But don’t just reserve this mouth-watering meal for a holiday. Make it whenever the fruits are in season and enjoy with your family as well as company. Ingredients 1 (6 lb) beef rib roast 1 […]