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Traditional Chicken Soup


Traditional chicken soup is the closest recipe I can find to original Jewish Penicillin, that good old-fashioned medicine for every ailment. A great comfort food and it tastes fantastic. Ingredients 1 whole (3-4 pounds) Empire chicken (the best, but any fresh chicken will do) 1 medium turnip, quartered 2 leeks […]

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Scallops for Two in Creamy Bacon Sauce


Finding a great scallops recipe is always a special treat. This creamy bacon sauce is easy to make and dresses up the main dish. Add good, crusty bread, a light salad, and your favorite white wine. You won’t miss the “meat and potatoes”! Ingredients 2 T unsalted butter 8 leeks, […]

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Diet Beef Casserole


Diet Beef Casserole has long been one of my personal favorite meals whether I am dieting or not.It has a very special taste that can be enhanced by adding a few different herbs or maybe an extra vegetable or two. I prefer herbs because I grow a wide range of […]

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Colcannon Recipe


Instead of your regular mashed potatoes, make this Colcannon Recipe. The Irish would serve this dish on Halloween and place small coin prizes into the mash as a surprise. But don’t mention that to your family or they’ll be looking for loose change every time. But wait! That may well […]