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Wild Rice Soup

Wild Rice Soup


This Wild Rice Soup Recipe with mushrooms relies on a simple layering technique in the crock pot to ensure the rice and vegetables are firm but tender. This classic soup works well as a first course or a light lunch. Ingredients 1 lb. whole mushrooms, halved1/2 Cup uncooked wild rice1 […]


Traditional Chicken Soup


Traditional chicken soup is the closest recipe I can find to original Jewish Penicillin, that good old-fashioned medicine for every ailment. A great comfort food and it tastes fantastic. Ingredients 1 whole (3-4 pounds) Empire chicken (the best, but any fresh chicken will do) 1 medium turnip, quartered 2 leeks […]

Taco Meatloaf
Avocado, Beef

Avocado Meatloaf Recipes: Elevate Your Cooking Game!


Elevate your meatloaf to new levels of deliciousness with the creamy goodness of avocado meatloaf recipe. This mouthwatering combination not only enhances the flavor but also adds nourishing benefits to your favorite dish. Imagine biting into a slice of perfectly seasoned meatloaf, only to discover a creamy surprise of avocado […]

54e1dd444e50b114a6da8c7ccf203163143ad8e256527648732f 640 Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving, Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey


This Thanksgiving Turkey Rub recipe uses fresh lemons to spice up the traditional holiday meal. Celery, carrots, onions and parsnips roast right inside the bird for a delicious alternative to stuffing. Ingredients 1 (15 lb) whole turkey, thawed 2 lemons cut in halves 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 […]

A beautifully roast spring chicken with crispy golden skin, garnished with fresh herbs.
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Perfect Roast Spring Chicken: Juicy and Tender!


Roast Spring Chicken can be an enjoyable culinary adventure. Letโ€™s explore how to make your chicken juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor: How to Roast Spring Chicken Ingredients Needed Preparing the Roast Spring Chicken First, rinse the chicken thoroughly under cold water and pat it dry with paper towels. Make […]

A vibrant spicy pasta salad served in a rustic bowl.
Pasta Dishes

Spicy Pasta Salad Magic: Zesty Delight


Are you looking for a way to spice up your meals? This Spicy Pasta Salad is your answer! Perfect for any occasion, itโ€™s packed with fresh ingredients and a deliciously spicy kick. Let’s dive in and discover how to create this mouthwatering dish! What Makes This Spicy Pasta Salad Special […]

5439411637 f1444c9822 Chicken Casserole
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Special Chicken Casserole


Special chicken casserole (or bake) is too tasty to describe with mere words. Try this recipe on a cold winter weekend and you’ll agree. Ingredients 1 chicken, (3 pounds or 1.5 kilograms) 3 1/4 cups water 2 Tbsp of fresh flat leaf parsley (Curly leaf is OK too) 1 stalk […]

3497817462 d828683f21 Rice Pilaf
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Rice Pilaf Recipe for Two


Use this rice pilaf recipe as is, or for a quick dish with leftovers. I prefer long-grain brown rice (less stickiness), but you could use wild rice or even white rice if you want. Also, instead of walnuts, use pecans (ever so much more tasty). Check out our Tips for […]