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Cardiac Diet – How to Make It a Lifestyle


A cardiac diet, also called a heart-friendly diet is basically a diet concentrate on lowering cholesterol, fat and sodium intake. It is believed that heart diseases are caused by high cholesterol levels. The heart-friendly diet includes foods low in saturated fat, sodium (salt), salt and sugar. Most of the foods […]

pumpkin soup recipe ingredients

Pumpkin Soup Recipe Ingredients


Pumpkin soup is normally ‘bound’ in a sauce of pumpkin meat, which is mixed with water or stock typically made from cows’ milk. Also known as ‘pecan soup’, it is commonly made by blending the flesh of a purebred pumpkin with stock or broth from pumpkins. The meat is typically […]

How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe


What a delightful pumpkin seeds recipe it is to whip up. Who wouldn’t want pumpkin seeds with pumpkin pie? The fact is that pumpkins are the perfect snack food and you can have it any number of ways. If you have a sweet tooth, add some nutmeg and cinnamon. If […]

Loaded Cauliflower Bake
Keto Diet

Keto Bake: Loaded Cauliflower


I started Keto not too long ago. One of my favorite things pre-Keto was macaroni and cheese. Seriously, mac & cheese gave me life. With Keto came changes and one of the main ones was no more pasta (carbs!). I’ve really struggled with this and so have my kids. A […]