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How to Make Delicious Salads For Chicken


There are many different types of salads for chicken. The basic salad recipe calls for mayonnaise and a mixture of herbs and vegetables. Some add grapes, others like avocado, or both. It’s best to buy fresh chicken for a fresher, healthier taste. You can also use canned or rotisserie chicken. […]

how to make homemade donuts
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How to Make Homemade Donuts


Easy Homemade Donuts recipe for those of you who think you don’t like fried foods – but secretly love baked foods. Do you love both fried and baked donuts but feel like fried donuts a little less? If so, the key is to invest in a digital thermometer, preferably an […]

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Cardiac Diet – How to Make It a Lifestyle


A cardiac diet, also called a heart-friendly diet is basically a diet concentrate on lowering cholesterol, fat and sodium intake. It is believed that heart diseases are caused by high cholesterol levels. The heart-friendly diet includes foods low in saturated fat, sodium (salt), salt and sugar. Most of the foods […]