meal planning a low carb diet works because it eliminates carbohydrates

Meal Planning – A Low Carb Diet Works Because It Eliminates Carbohydrates


If you are following a low carb diet, one of the challenges that you may be encountering is limiting your carbohydrate intake. Low carb diets limit carbohydrate intake relative to the typical diet. Carbohydrates, including sugar, are often restricted, and substituted with higher protein and fat foods, as well as low carb foods. In this article, I want to share some simple tips that you can use to increase your carbohydrate consumption without reducing your protein and fat intake. These tips will not only help you stick to your diet, but will also allow you to enjoy many of the delicious low carb recipes that you love.

When it comes to losing weight, you should always keep in mind that what goes into your body is just as important as what comes out of your body. Many people believe that by reducing your carbohydrate intake, they will be restricting themselves from the foods that they enjoy. The problem with this type of diet is that when you cut out carbs, you are missing out on a very important part of your diet: ketones.

Ketones are created in your body as a result of the breakdown of fats. When you eat foods that are high in fat content, you create ketones along with the fat. As these ketones start to build up, they start to enter into your blood stream and travel throughout your body. Ketones are also excreted from your body through your urine. Because of the high concentration of ketones, you will feel sicker on a keto diet and need to take in more water to keep yourself hydrated.

The reason that you feel so sick on a low carb diet is because of the high levels of glucose in your bloodstream. Unlike a low fat diet, a low carb diet allows you to eat more carbs! This brings me to my next point. If you go on a low carbohydrate diet and end up starving to death, you are not going to experience the same effect that I did. By depriving yourself of carbs, you shut off your body’s natural hunger center, which means that you can continue to eat whatever you want, as long as you’re able to get past the initial hurdle.

Once you get past this initial hurdle, you can eat any amount of food that you want as long as you avoid carbs. This is why many people feel better after going on a low carb diet; they eat the foods that they crave, yet still have a balanced nutrition intake. One of the biggest problems with low carb diets is over-nutrition or too high of a level of fat intake, which leads to weight gain and poor health.

The only way to get around this issue is to plan your meals per day based on how much weight you would like to lose and how many carbs that you want to consume. For example, if you are a skinny guy who wants to drop a significant amount of weight, then you would want to focus on eating plenty of chicken breast and eggs, along with lots of pork chops. If you are a girl with a lot of body weight, than you could focus on eating more carbs, such as breads and potatoes.

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