How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
How to Jazz Up a Pumpkin Seeds Recipe 3

What a delightful pumpkin seeds recipe it is to whip up. Who wouldn’t want pumpkin seeds with pumpkin pie? The fact is that pumpkins are the perfect snack food and you can have it any number of ways. If you have a sweet tooth, add some nutmeg and cinnamon. If you’re a spice fan, try some curry powder and cardamom. Add nuts, dried fruit, molasses or sugared raisins – you can go wild with it!

Your best bet is to roast or steam pumpkin seeds until they’re almost completely dry, then grind them up with some coarse salt in a food processor. Heck, even more so when they’re roasted! Pumpkin seeds are notorious for being very rich in essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

One way to make this recipe more appealing to children is to add in a bit of cinnamon sugar. Throw in some nuts and dried fruit and your kids will have a gourmet-quality dessert to enjoy at the drop of a hat! To make this recipe a little different, toss in some chopped pecans and prune into rounds, and bake in an oven using a half baking method.

Pumpkin seeds aren’t the only edible snacks you can jazz up with a bit of coconut oil. In fact, many people include coconut oil in their pumpkin seeds recipe. For instance, if you roast your own pumpkin seeds (you can make them easier by roasting in a glass pan instead of on a roaster), you can take the spices and coconut oil and sprinkle on top. You could also mix in cinnamon sugar and brown sugar for a sweet and slightly dark pumpkin seeds recipe.

Another way to jazz up this old favorite is to coat it with pure maple syrup. This way, the pumpkin maintains a sweeter, pumpkin-y flavor while the maple compliments the pumpkin flavor. If you decide to go the pure syrup route, though, remember to use the leftovers as an excellent way to top off your pumpkin recipe. Simply dissolve one tablespoon of the syrup into one cup of your favorite drink and enjoy your new creation!

When it comes to pumpkin carving, you should always use the traditional bread knife to create a beautiful pattern. However, there are some other tools you can use to create beautiful patterns with your pumpkin. Simply toss a handful of the seeds across your pumpkin and watch as they disappear! Likewise, you can also make circles with your seeds by popping them between your fingers and holding them there for a few seconds. Then, hold them over the top of your pumpkin and shake them out in a random fashion and you will have a stunning pattern created!

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