Weight Loss

Diet recipes can be fun, tasty and enjoyable for everybody. The fact that they are healthy, too, is a bonus. Like most people watching their weight, you are probably seeking recipes that are simple, reasonably easy to make and as delicious as non-diet recipes.

We hope to satisfy your need and also invite you to use these recipes and maybe send some of your favorites to us. Having a six light meals a day beats three heavy ones when you’re dedicated to losing weight.

304907718 8ec93fcd71 Sugar Baked Pecan
Snacks, Weight Loss

Sugar Baked Pecan Citrus


Sugar Baked Pecan Citrus is a genuine dieter’s dessert. Don’t be put off by the word sugar in the title. This is a quick to make and delightful to eat dessert recipe. There is no reason why dieters should not reward their efforts from time to time. I have always […]

banana french toast
Breakfast, Weight Loss

Diet Banana French Toast


You won’t notice Banana French Toast is a diet brunch recipe. You won’t need anything extra on this classic made with egg whites and topped with warm mashed banana and yogurt. Ingredients 1/2 cup skim milk4 egg whites4 slices whole wheat bread1/2 cup vanilla low-fat or non-fat yogurt1 banana1 Tbsp […]

1580394718 0f08df0adf Beef Stroganoff
Beef, Weight Loss

Diet Beef Stroganoff


Diet Beef Stroganoff is a low fat adaption of the classical recipe and goes a long way toward proving that diet food can be tasty, too. In fact, if you don’t tell the family that this is a healthy meal, they’ll never know that they’re eating a diet meal. Submitted by David […]