57e5d14a4854ac14ea898675c6203f78083edbe355557340722978 640 Curried Chicken Salad
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Curried Chicken Salad


Curried Chicken Salad is a great recipe for fans of highly spiced chicken. Take a look at the ingredients of this salad and then the method to see how easy it is to put together. It adds an extra zest to the classic chicken salad and will have your guests […]

8321258836 a4a3336b1b Vegetables
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Vegetables in Coconut Sauce for Two


You might find these vegetables in coconut sauce at an Indian restaurant, but sometimes wouldn’t you rather snuggle with your Sweetie at home? This recipe is a snap to make alone or together: one working on the veggies while the other prepares the sauce. Should give you extra time together. […]