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4 July, 2018

Vegetable Stir Fry

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Vegetable Stir Fry is a very healthy recipe that will be enjoyed by meat lovers as well as vegetarians. The veggies listed in my ingredients are nothing more than a suggestion. You can make your own choices. Ingredients 1 onion, chopped into large pieces 3 gloves of garlic, crushed or minced Handful of snow peas
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29 June, 2018

Chinese Spicy Chicken

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Chinese Spicy Chicken or Le Tze Gee to use the ethnic title, is a dish that will challenge your taste with subtle hints of spice rather than heavy doses of it. Some spicy dishes are too heavy in one spice or another and that overpowers all other tastes. Chinese are far more subtle in their
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28 June, 2018

Shrimp With Snow Peas

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Shrimp with Snow Peas is a perfect example of Chinese stir fry recipes.The finished recipe is a delight to taste and you’ll be amazed how simple this is to prepare if you use a wok. Ingredients 1/4 lb (115 grams) Fresh or frozen medium-sized shrimp 1/3 lb (150 grams) Fresh snow peas (Touts mange) ½
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16 April, 2018

Hong Kong Chicken

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Hong Kong Chicken isn’t a Jackie Chan movie. It’s a delicious recipe cooked in a crock pot.   Ingredients 4 pounds (1,800 grams) chicken pieces, boned and skinned Salt and pepper 1/4 tsp ginger, ground 1 cup garlic, minced 1 cup chicken broth or bouillon 1 cup pineapple slices 1 cup water chestnuts, drained 4
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14 March, 2018

Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

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Chinese Fried Rice Recipe is one of those that I often hear people comment that they can’t make at home and reproduce the taste of an authentic Chinese food recipe. That probably means that you haven’t tried often enough or are not using a wok. If you use a wok and are not afraid to
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14 March, 2018

Chinese Almond Cookies

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 These Chinese Almond Cookies are the nearest I’ve found to replicating the light and crispy cookies that are served in many Chinese restaurants around the world. This recipe takes just ten-minutes preparation time and twenty minutes cooking time.   Ingredients 2 3/4 cups of white flour 1 cup sugar 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp
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5 December, 2017

Char Siew, Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe

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Char Siew, or Chinese BBQ Pork as it is sometimes called, brings to life the flavor of the orient in a uniquely Chinese style of cooking. Although this is called barbecue style this recipe is for oven cooking. If you prefer barbecue it is easy to do it that way too. The honey used in
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22 November, 2017

Beef Chow Mein

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Beef Chow Mein is a fun dish because the rules that apply to chow mein are very loose and you can substitute ingredients to suit your taste. It is also a very good Chinese beef recipe to use when learning how to cook in a wok. You cannot harm the recipe if you decide to
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31 July, 2017

Chinese Almond Chicken

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Chinese Almond Chicken is presented in a very easy to follow format and the end result is a dish that you will be proud to serve to either family or guests. With a dish like this you can prepare it the first time as shown below and then you can start using your artistic talents
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