3771296852 a3be3d9041 Three Bean Salad
Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving

Three Bean Salad


Three bean salad is the most basic of the bean salad recipes. This little gem of a salad is often overlooked by people who spend hours searching for the exotic. A little trick I use sometimes is to add a handful of roasted peanuts just before serving to add some […]

8368292325 00e8903d0b Christmas Pudding
Breakfast, Christmas, Holidays

Microwave Christmas Pudding


 Microwave Christmas Pudding is the quickest way to produce tasty Christmas puddings in individual servings.This dessert recipe is ideal when you have last-minute guests, no matter what the holiday or occasion.   Ingredients 2 3/4 cups (500gm) of mixed dried fruit 1/3 cup (80ml) Brandy 4 ounces (125gm) butter 3/4 […]